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Featured Rubber Machinery
Autoclave for OTR Tire Retreading 140 Inch Diameter

Alloy Craft OTR Chamber Steam Autoclave

Rebuilt Farrel Rubber Lab Mill for Sale

Farrel Rebuilt Lab Mill

Farrel BR Lab Mixer for Sale

Farrel Lab Mixer

Davis Standard 2.50" Extruder for Sale

Davis Standard 20:1 L/D Extruder Cold Feed

Bolling 28 x 72 2-Roll Inclined Rubber Calender for Sale

Bolling Inclined Calender 2-Roll

TMP 30-Ton Hydraulic Vacuum Press for Sale

TMP Self Contained Hydraulic Press

Featured Tire Machinery
McNeil Tire Bladder Press for Sale

McNeil Passenger / LT Tire Bladder Press

Spadone White Sidewall Buffer

Spadone Buffer Tire Inspection Testing

4JET Tire Tyre Marking System for Sale

4JET Passenger & Truck Tire Laser Engraver

Bartell Bead Winder 16" Spare Chucks for Sale

Bartell Bead Winder Tire Bead Winder

NRM Autolok 44.5" Hydraulic Tire Press for Sale

NRM Autolok Tire Press Hydraulic

NRM Duplex 6 x 10 Duplex Tread Extruder for Sale

NRM Duplex Tread Extruder Tire Tread Department

Soberay & Sons has been supplying the rubber & plastic and silicone industries for three generations. We stock high quality used, second hand, pre-owned and rebuilt machinery, equipment and parts.

Manufacturers we stock include Adamson, Akron Standard, ASM, Barwell, Berstorff, Bolling, Comerio, Davis Standard, Emerson, Falk, Farrel, Francis Shaw, Freudenberg, High Tech Shaw, HPM, HF Rubber Machinery, Kobe, Kobelco, Krauss Maffei, KSBI, Lufkin, McNeil, Micro Poise, Monsanto, NRM, Royle, RMS, Rubicon, Spadone, Steelastic, Repiquet, RMS, Stewart Bolling, Troester, Veraco, Welex, Werner & Pfleiderer, W&P, WYKO, and many others.

Please contact us to schedule an inspection of our rubber equipment inventory warehoused in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

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