Doss dSort3 O-Ring Gasket Sorting Machine for Sale

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Doss 2 10-55mm Frame Field O-Ring Gasket Sorting Machine
One (1) Used Doss dSort3 O-ring & Gasket sorting machine, designed by Doss Visual Solution is an automatic sorting machine with double semi-transparent tables. Frame field 10 – 55 mm, cross section 0.8 – 5 mm, camera resolution 5 megapixel, matrix camera type, frame field 60 mm. The machine is equipped with two tables and a piece turnover system which allows it to inspect parts on two sides. Pieces are loaded and sorted into different containers based on parameters set by the operator. Manual type feed. This machine can visually and dimensionally inspect O-rings, gaskets, and T-rings. It will operate quickly and without operator intervention. The Doss dSort3 will increase outgoing quality levels by identifying many more defects than its human counterpart. Used for trials only. Like new condition. New in 2021.

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