About Us

Soberay and Sons is one of the most capable and dependable suppliers of rubber processing machinery in the world. Our family has served the industry over 70 years and three generations. Our sterling reputation for quality rebuilds and dependable used equipment is based on our years of service to the rubber industry. Through superior knowledge and experience, we have earned your confidence.

Due to the rising number of corporations closing manufacturing facilities, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading liquidators of tire plants and equipment in the World. We now offer this quality equipment:

Equipment Class Description
Passenger/Light bead range 13”-16”, fifty (50) 300-40.5” presses, thirty (30) TAM / TBM
Truck/Bus bead range 20”-22”, sixteen (16) hydraulic 60” presses, fourteen (14) 55” presses
OTR late model equipment for new and retreaded tires including presses, twenty-nine (29) molds, calenders, tread application unit, buffing machines, dust collectors, scales, and miscellaneous equipment
Inner Tube forty-eight (48) presses 40”-71”, sixty-eight (68) molds 650-16 to 15.5 x 38 of various sizes
Molds,Farm Bias (Rears) various sizes
Compression Press Plant (for molded goods) large hydraulic presses, mixers, mills, extruders and other support equipment
Mixing Plant, with two (2) Kobelco 270-Liter Mixer Lines mixers, mills, batch-offs, extruders, carbon black system, air compressor, chiller and other support equipment

Soberay & Sons is committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction. Please contact us if you need any further information.