L&T 104" OTR Tire Curing Press for Sale

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L&T Larsen & Toubro 3 104" 2700-104 OTR 104" Tire Press Mechanical
Three (3) Used L&T Larson & Toubro 104” OTR Mechanical Tire Curing Press, Model 2700-104 L4-TCP, 1200 Metric Ton closing force, 104” shield inside diameter, 600-1200mm daylight opening, 79” max green tire height, 400 PSI max internal pressure, 25-58” bead diameter range, 7” double acting center mechanism, 16” dia bead lift cylinder, 30,000 LB max top half mold weight, parallel front unloader included, vertical chuck loader up-down model 104” L3-VCL capacity 1000 KG included, shipping weight (bare press) 100 tons, open-close time 185 seconds, slide back design with side plates, like new condition, not used in production, new 2008

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