Comerio Steel-Cord Calender Line for Sale

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Comerio 1 20 x 54 500x1370 "S" Type STEEL.CORD.LINE Calender 4-Roll
One (1) Used Comerio Ercole Steel-Cord Calender Line, complete pre-calender section with 2x 250mm cold feed extruders, creel room, feed conveyors with metal detectors, oscillating conveyor belts, trimmed edge recycling conveyor, 4-Roll 500x1370mm (20x54”) “S” type calender with individual drives, peripherally drilled rolls with forced oil lubrication, hydraulic nip adjustment, anti-friction roller bearings, cross axis device on rolls 1&4, roll bending compensation on rolls 2&3, pneumatic safety opening device on rolls 1&4, pneumatic edge trimming knives, 2-piece poly stock guides, complete downstream line including thickness gauge, prick roll bubble piercing device, tension control unit, let-off for cotton coulored threads, polythene let-off, cooling drum stand with (8) jacketed SS drums, hydraulic accumulator, lock and pull unit, cutting unit, dual wind-up unit, calendaring gauge 1.5mm – 10mm, pressure distribution control system, automated process parameters control, batch certification 3s / CpK process control analysis pull-out test, production Db built-in

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