Davis Standard 2.5" Cold Feed Rubber Extruder for Sale

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Davis Standard 1 2 1/2" 60mm 2.5" Cold Feed 20:1 Extruder Cold Feed
One (1) Used Davis Standard 2.5" 60mm Cold Feed Rubber Extruder, Model 25IN25, 20:1 L/D, 17.28:1 G/B ratio, Reliance 50 HP 1750-2100 RPM 500 VDC motor, DC variable speed drive, straight delivery head on pedestal with clamp assembly, forced lube system, Davis Standard patented pneumatic pressure roller feeder mechanism, operates through an adjustable torque clutch, driven from the extruder screw thrust shaft, automatically compensates for feed strip size variation, feed roller equipped with external bearings and adjustable scraper blade, S/N K-3269, SO No. 00310


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