Kneader MXI-80 Intermesh Tilt Mixer for Sale

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Kneader 1 80 Liter Litre Tilt Kneader Mixer
Item 1047 - One (1) Used MXI-80 Intermesh Tilt Mixer, 80 Liter Mixing Capacity, 600 HP Inverter Duty Motor, Front Feed/Rear Discharge, Dry-Type Mechanical Seal Dust Stops, Worm Gear Driven Chamber Tilt System, Parallel Shaft Speed Reducer, Mixing Chamber and Rotor Design, Original Allen Bradley PLC with VersaView 1550M touch screen. Mixer is designed to have all compound material contact surfaces made of stainless steel, Chamber Stainless Steel, Sideboards Stainless Steel, Rotors- Stainless Steel, Ram Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty HP Designs for heavy duty mixing applications.

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