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TST High Angle Steel Cord Cutter for Sale

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TST 1 1100mm Steel Cord Tire Cutter Steel Cord
One (1) Used TST High Angle Steel Cord Cutter for Tire Production, 17-36 degree cut, 1100mm max cutting & automatic splicing width, 2.35-4.41mm material thickness, 1.52-2.25mm cord diameter, 30-43 number of cords per 100mm, 2500N/mm2 material tensile strength, gum covering unit, (18) strips/min cutter max capacity, (1) strip/min splicer max capacity, components include single let-off station with max width of 1140mm, advance system to transport the calendered material to the cutter, cord cutter (including 1 knife) is of mechanical guillotine shear type for cutting of steel cord material into strips, conveyor in the cutter, material gripping device, automatic positioning device to splicer, automatic splicer, automatic positioning & unloading device from splicer, smoothing roll, gum wedge & edge unit, single windup unit, safety device, electrical control system and pneumatic control system
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