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4JET Tire Tyre Marking System for Sale

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4JET 1 25-49" Tire OD Passenger & Truck Tire Laser Engraver
One (1) New 4JET Laser Tire Tyre Engraving Machine, Model T-MARK 1600 Tire Marking System, compact design, capacity for tire sizes a with diameter of 26-49” (650-1250mm) and width of 6-19” (150-500mm), capable of engraving of letters, numbers and graphic images of different sizes, safe operation due to contact protection and access restrictions (software/hardware), for ambient temperatures between 10C to 40C and non-condensing humidity of 90%, includes all control panels, original supplier can provide parts and service from California, made in Germany (year 2008) and never installed, machine is still crated in original packaging.
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