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GRM Guilin Rubber 170" OTR Tire Curing Press for Sale

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GRM Guilin Rubber 1 6500-170" OTR 170" Tire Press Hydraulic
One (1) Used GRM Guilin Rubber Machinery 170” Giant OTR Hydraulic Tire Curing Press, Model 6500-170, 2950 Metric Ton closing force, SMO segmented mold, 4300mm shield inside diameter, 1140-1380mm height of segmented mold, 1800mm max green tire height, 30MPa max working pressure, BOM type standing post center mechanism, 30,000 KG max top half mold weight, 2,700 KG max tire weight, 3261mm max OD of radial green tire, 4120mm max OD of mold, 2300 mm max extended height of bladder, 500mm max stroke of SMO cylinder, 120mm max depth of tire pattern, 800mm rising height of lower ring, block fixed with bottom mold style mold, parallel front loader/unloader included, slide back design with side plates, like new condition, commissioned in pilot plant 2014
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