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Mixer Farrel 3D Banbury for Sale

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Farrel 1 3D 70 Liter Litre Tangential 2-Wing Mixer
One (1) Rebuilt Farrel 3D #3D Banbury Rubber Mixer, Semi-unidrive, drop_discharge_drilled_sides, 2-wing tangential rotors, 70 litre net chamber volume, rebuilt to new clearances on all mating surfaces, cored rotors, trabon lubrication, new lube lines and distribution blocks, new rotary unions, new dust seals, new roller bearings, feed hopper, pneumatically operated ram with floating weight, GE motor 300 HP, 1180 RPM 460 VAC, Farrel gearbox semi-unidrive configuration 11.5:1 reduction ratio, base is welded steel construction. Rebuilt to new clearances, approximately 14 week delivery
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