NEW Bartell SWS 5000 Bead Winder for Sale

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Bartell 1 13" to 24.9" Beads Single Strand Tire Bead Winder
NEW UNUSED Bartell Bead Winder SWS 5000 FO210400D is a complete, fully automatic bead building system, single strand, winds up to 5 beads simultaneously, festoonless, power let-off stations, low tension precast assembly, spreader sheave assembly, collector / guide roll assemblies, wire pre-heater, pneumatic bead remover / unloader, carousel / indexer, bead size 13” to 24.9”, wire diameter range 1.3mm to 1.8mm, Mitsubishi Motion Controller PLC operator interface, NEW 2.5" Davis Standard power roll feed extruder with temperature control system TCU, built to CE safety standards, 440 VAC 60hz 3ph 50amps, tooling for 17”, 17.5” and 22.5” available separately, full manuals including installation, start-up, spare parts and maintenance included, state of the art machine, same as would be purchased today

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