Complete Farrel Pomini P270 Rubber Mixer for Sale

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Farrel Pomini 1 F270 270 Liter Litre Tangential 4-Wing Mixer
One (1) Used Complete Farrel Pomini F270 Rubber Mixer (500 LB batch 1.2 SG), Gearbox: Philadelphia 22:1 Ratio Uni-drive gearbox, (2625HP@1.75SF), S/N 113532. GE Motor 1500 HP @ 1200 RPM 2300 VAC input, Frame 84095. 62/43RPM rotor speed, 22.265” Output Shaft Center Distance, hydraulic hopper, body, base, high & low speed couplings and hydraulic unit. Rotors are 4-Wing design

Tags: Rubber Mixer (500 LB batch 1.2 SG), Uni-drive gearbox, Motor 1500 HP

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